Wednesday Adams

Fedora H&M, Warehouse Dress (sale), Topshop Socks, Asos Dockland, Cambridge Satchel

I feel like this look wouldn’t look out of place in a creepy movie, or maybe I would be the psycho or something, it just feels a bit ‘dark’ hence Wednesday Adams (although she probably wouldn’t wear these shoes). I really liked this dress on the hanger and I feel it probably looked better that way! As much as I like the style, I don’t think the colour does much for me, but I would prefer it with a jumper over the top and the collar sticking out, which would make it much more wearable. I really enjoy a hat, but I don’t wear them often as I feel they’re very ‘woah she’s wearing a hat’ if you know what I mean, you need to be confident in it, so I’m building to the point where I will (hopefully) strut about with a hat on, quite the thing!

Love, Hannah x

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