90s Slouching

Primark Tee, H&M Dungarees, New Balance 574

This is probably the comfiest ensemble I own. It’s super easy to wear and I love all the items separately so together it’s just ideal! This 90s slogan tee was an absolute find in Primark for only £6 It’s got a tie front so you can wear it cropped, versatile and on trend, Primark are doing verrry well at the minute! These are my trusty dungarees from my previous post and I really haven’t had them off so I would highly recommend them. 

These  shoes. I have wanted them for awhile and when I was shopping in London I spotted my perfect pair. They are so comfy on my weirdly shaped feet (years of dancing having left my feet with a seriously weird cartilage lump on the back of my foot making finding shoes a challenge, also, kinda gross). I’m loving the sports luxe skating trend at the mo and I think some more trainers are definitely in order for Spring as they’re so wearable and go with everything if your willing to do the dress/skirt/trainer look. I will for sure be giving it a go!

Love, Hannah x

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