A Splash Of Khaki

I am really loving khaki at the minute, I know it’s not a ‘nice’ colour as such, but I am just enjoying wearing it atm and think it will look fabby with a tan when the time comes that a tan has occurred! Sorry to be featuring these Topshop sweatpant esq things again, they’re just so bloody wearable and comfy but I have styled them differently every time so maybe you won’t notice…

I spotted this H&M sleeveless blazer awhile ago now actually, I’m surprised I haven’t blogged it sooner. I think its looks really chic and can be worn with sooo many things. I was worried at first that I’d have nothing to wear it with, but after a big try on sesh when I got home, I decided he would fit in nicely! My choker necklace and bracelet are also from H&M, I really need to just stop going in there, its becoming a bit of an issue the amount of H&M clothing I’ve ended up with this summer, SOMEBODY STOP ME!!

Love, Hannah x

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