Roaming in Rome

I’m just back from a wee four day trip to Rome with my Mum and sister and it was amazing!! I thought I would do a big post as opposed to a few smaller ones, so apologies if its a bit longer than usual!

I’ll start with the cultural stuff first as that’s one of the most incredible things about Rome. For a relatively short trip we managed to fit in quite a lot! On day one we visited the Spanish steps, which are very conveniently situated opposite all of the designer stores eeeeek!! So of course a little visit was essential… We weren’t allowed to take any pics in Dior (I felt like such a peasant haha) but Prada were much more chilled so I managed to take some snaps and oh my goodness it was incredible! I always thought designer clothes were ridiculously overpriced and not worth the money, but after seeing and feeling how beautifully they’re made, I’ve decided there is no choice but to be rich.

Day two was the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel and I have never experienced so many people in one place, it was crazy. It was an incredible thing to see, but I’m so glad we had pre-booked tickets online as the queues were over 3 hours long! Also, rather weirdly the weather was super tropical, like it would be really hot then all of a sudden thunder, lightening and torrential rain had everyone hiding in shops entrances! I felt so sorry for everyone waiting in the rain, so would 100% recommend booking your tickets first as we literally went straight through to the front. It’s not a hugely enjoyable experience if your anxious and claustrophobic like me, as you’re shoulder to shoulder with people the whole time but it’s definitely worth seeing if you can.

Day three was the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain. The colosseum was my favourite of the landmarks we saw, its just so amazing to see and you can imagine how majestic it would have been. I even managed to fit an outfit post in! Again if you can book tickets before I would, as you can skip straight to the front and its easy peasy. Sadly the Trevi fountain was under construction so it was far less impressive with scaffolding and a lack of water, but good to see all the same!

In the evening we visited Trastevere which is a still very quintessentially Italian part of Rome and hasn’t really been touristified!! I had the most incredible nutella crepe which is still on my mind and there were lovely street stalls and markets selling jewels and random clobber!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, and this is one of the most important points… wear comfy shoes. I can not tell you how essential this is. I took my H&M sliders and they served me well, but my foot skin did harden a considerable amount, sorrrrry so gross. So yeah, comfy shoes and defs check out the local transport. You can hop on the buses and trams for free (you’re meant to pay, but after paying for our first few journeys and then watching all the locals just hop on and off for free, we joined in with the free bantz!) and the metro is also super easy and the quickest way to get around. Do take a zippy bag and watch it at all times!! I had a close call when a group of young girls half opened my bag but I thankfully noticed before anything was chabbed!! Not very nice though.

I hoped you enjoyed my quick overview of my trip and that you can pick up some pointers incase any of you are going to take a visit there!

H x


  1. June 22, 2014 / 1:59 am

    Ahh looks amazing! I'm going in September and can't wait, which camera did you use as I've been told not to bring an expensive one just incase x

  2. June 26, 2014 / 10:04 pm

    Aw you'll have an amazing time I'm sure! I just took my phone actually and that was fine in a zipped pocket! You just have to be a bit wary really, and the food, OMG… xx

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