Golden Fields and Hectic Days

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Hasn’t it just been so blooming hot?!! I am loving having an actual summer after years of no seasons/ continuous rainy season in Scotland, so regular summer dressing is still a bit of a novelty! 

This has been a very busy week for me, I have moved to Brighton, started a new job at Urban Outfitters and it was my birthday on Friday, so had a wee shop (shock horror) in London with my mum and sister. So I have been very glad of a day off to catch up with blogging and numerous cups of tea!

This dress is perfect for hot days as its so loose and really low cut at the back, making it extra breathable. The sizing is very off though and I had to go up about 5 sizes (not even joking) so I would always recommend trying stuff on in H&M first if possible! I promise that my next few posts are gonna be a mix of lots of other brands and less H&M heavy, I was having a bit of a H&M love in wasn’t I…

I have also started my YouTube channel now which is a bit scary! But Im hoping to do some look books, hauls will be talking through some pieces in a bit more detail. So if you want to see me having a ramble you can have a looky by searching for clothesclawsandclutter.

I hope you’re all enjoying the sun,

H x

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