Utility Chic

I literally feel like a walking h&m mannequin recently, I seriously should get some kind of commission at this rate?! My lack of willpower means I cannot resist the sale signs and I managed to pick up this dress/shirt ensemble and these amazing sandals for £20! Also the necklace is from h&m… I am really enjoying a chunky necklace of late. I thought this was the perfect day outfit and I’m thinking I’ll wear it to work as it’s nice and loose but also semi-smart so I could wear it after work for drinks or something.

I am going to have to keep this post short as I have decided to stick on the longest most talon-esque things you have ever seen on my nails (which I think look amazing) but are so impractical, I have literally had to retype every word a few times over and my spell checker is suggesting things not remotely close and it is so bloody infuriating!!!

I promise to have got the any of them by my next post,

H x

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