Motel Cherub Love

Cherub tee, Cycling Shorts, Vagabonds, Chain (similar), Choker

So for a Scottish girl living in Brighton, I am struggling with all this heat! Don’t get me wrong I’m a massive sun lover; the type of sun worshipper who lives in a bikini and doesn’t have to fuss about what I look like, eg. on holiday. So when it comes to dressing for work and general life when its this hot, I need minimal effort and maximum comfort/breathability! 

Motel Rocks kindly gifted me this amazing pixilated cherub tee and it is perfectly fitting my summer clothing fix. The tee is oversized and a really lightweight material so its such a great summer piece. I’ve been really into cycling shorts recently as they mean you don’t have to worry about gusts of wind exposing your behind to the world, and for work they’re perfect for running around but are way cooler (as in less warm) and more comfy than jeans. So yeah, this really has been my go-to day to day outfit really, I love that the print keeps it quite edgy so you don’t need much else and it still looks put together. It’ll also look amazing with distressed or black jeans when it does start to get a bit colder (which I am really excited for btw, whats wrong with me?!)

Anyhoo, let me know if you guys like this look, and if you have any go-to sumer outfits!

H x

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