Sports Luxe

Sheer top eBay, Crop top Cheap Monday, Leggings H&M, Nike Air Max Thea, Necklace SOTW

This look makes me look deceptively sporty, but it is the epitome of casual comfort.  

I am loving sheer tops at the minute, paired with a lace bralet or something more sporty, its just the right amount of layering whilst its still hot. It can also be paired with so many pieces to create totally different looks. With a midi skirt and strappy sandals it could look chic whilst still showing a bit of bra action or you could opt for a totally laid back look in leggings and some sneaks.

I had been eyeing up marble print leggings whilst at work at Urban Outfitters, when one day I was en route to work and had that annoying thing where your skirt will not for the love of god stop riding up, so I dived into h&m to grab some leggings thinking I’d have to go for some plain black numbers when I saw these lurking. They are literally exactly the same as the ones in UO but for only £7.99, so I smugly treated myself to a large cappuccino and cake with the pennies I’d saved!

Lots of love, Hannah x


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