The Thrifted Maxi Shirt

Shirt Market, Bralet Topshop, Shorts Depop, Sliders H&M

Hello all! I am back after a lovely trip to France (worst weather they’ve had in 40 years… of course), but a break from life is always welcome and the pastries, oh lord the pastries. Actually had so many that on my return I could not properly fit in my jeans. But very worth it.

One of the things I love most about holidays is the markets, we just don’t do them the same here. Who wants veg when you can have cheap clothes?! It took a fair bit of rummaging but I found this little gem for 1 bloody euro, how mental! I also picked up some tat, that at the time you think is really nice but in reality is probably not.

I was super happy with this find, and to be reunited with my favourite little person for a week (wee sister/photographer/fellow pastry lover) that the non-buttoning of jeans can be looked on fondly rather than panicking that my ass is now the size of blue whale.

H x

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