LFW | London Fashion Weekend

Look 1: Shirt, Trousers, Pumps, Duster Coat (similar), Bag

Look 2: Jumpsuit, Duster Coat (as before), Pumps (as before)

Hey guys!!

I am HATING the lack of posts just now but life is getting in the way and its just been a bit hard! I am about to have some more big changes which I’ll let you know about when I know more but I will try and post more often in the mean time! 

Anyway, last weekend I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend on Friday and Saturday and I thought I’d share it with you!! The weekend was based at Somerset House which is an amazing venue. On Day 1 I wore a floral shirt and gingham trousers, clashing prints and all that… I also had a pair of loafers on from h&m but unfortunately made the mistake of not breaking them in first = oh dear lord the pain. So I took an emergency trip to Primark, waddling like a duck but thankfully managed to find these leopard print beauties, £16 bit pricey for primani but ‘limited edition.’ Next disaster, torrential rain. New shoes got soaked aswell as feet, hair had to be tied up as was dripping and mascara had run, sad times, very stressed. But once we were in the first show it was all forgotten, we were in the front row feeling very important and Ive shared some of the pics above. Day 1 went buy in a blur, it was amazing to see what other people were wearing and wandering around the venue. Also received a lovely goody bag with various beauty bits (unfortunately these were identical both days, mother was happy).

Day 2 was much less traumatic on the shoe front, I wore my primark babies again and a simple jumpsuit from Topshop. It was kinda annoying not travelling from home (I stayed at my grannies for the weekend, so had to pre-plan my outfits to take with) as I kept thinking of different outfit ideas but then didn’t have them to hand. However, I enjoyed wearing this and you can’t go wrong with a bit of simple monochrome I suppose. I am also loving this bag from Paul’s Boutique as mock croc seems to be my absolute fave thing just now. Its got 3 handy compartments which is ideal for me as I carry a ridiculous amount of crap around with me so at least it can be a little organised!

Thank you for sticking with me and I promise I’ll get some more posts up soon! Let me know if any of you guys were at LFW,

H x

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