Asos tee, CAT boots, New Look Backpack, Wayfarers Red Hot Sunglasses

This mid weather is proving very difficult to dress in. I am fully prepared for getting my woolies and layers on but the summer has now decided to re-rear its head just as I’ve packed all my summer bits away… typical.

So this is one of my go to mid-season outfits that I’m loving atm, slouchy and super comfortable; ideeeeal. The bare legs keeps the look a bit more breezy but The boots toughen it up a bit and a more of a nod to autumn. These boots are the comfiest shoes I have ever experienced (minus my nike air max thea, they are literally clouds)and I didn’t even have t brake them in which is a massive novelty for me! I had wanted to invest in a pair for awhile and after mucho searching of the tinternet I found these beau tie on amazon for a very good little deal in deed, so I had to share it with you. They are brand new and come in all the original packaging etc so it seems silly to pay £100 that most other places were charging. Side note..  My 14 year old self would be hysterical at the fact I am wearing these in 2014 as these were at one point the ultimate ned/chav (whichever word you’re used to) shoe at my school.

Also.. this basketball top is from the mens section of ASOS. You can find some gems in the mens section for a hell of a lot cheaper than some of the womens stuff, so yeah, this happened.

H x

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