Autumn lace

Slip Dress Urban Outfitters, Topshop Jumper, Primark Monk Shoes, Cambridge satchel

Autumn means layering and I am alll over that! Unfortunately it is still a little warm down in Brighton but while I was back in Norwich for the weekend, this outfit was the right amount of warm! Im so done with summer now but in Brighton the sun just keeps on shinning eurgggghhhh I just wanna wear a jumper, is that too much to ask? While writing this I am sat in a crop tee and mini skirt and still sweating… sort it out October!! 

Anyhow, while back in Norwich last weekend visiting my fam I made the most of wearing jumpers and furs!! Ive had this Topshop jumper for a few years now and its still going strong. I think although they initially seem expensive at £50ish for a jumper, they do last a long time and in the long run I think its works out better to spend a bit more on quality pieces than have to spend a lot on knitwear every year. 

This slip dress (which is now in the sale) is perfect for layering and I love the lace trim at the bottom. When I first put it on my mum was like “aw thats such a nice nightdress”, I kid you not, but once I’d popped a jumper on she slightly came round to the idea, although she did say that when I’m done with it she’ll wear it to bed…

I borrowed these shoes of Boo (wee sis), perks of having the same size fit and all that. They are monk style and are actually pretty snazzy for Primark! Im sure she said they were only about £8, bargainous!!

Love, Hannah x

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