Fringed Biker

Fringed Biker, Shirt, Jeans, Trainers, Fedora

How amazing is this jacket?!! It is the most soft buttery leather and I cannot get over the fringe detail..v Kate Moss. Unfortunately this little guy wasn’t mine before now so I couldn’t rock him in late summer with floaty dresses and ankle boots, but Im still gonna get my wear in before its big coat time with outfits like this. 

Im also obsessing over these trainers. Did anyone else own a pair of these or stan smiths circa 2004?? I definitely did and I loved them them! But they were more of a ned (chav or whichever other word your familiar with) trainer than a fashion statement so Im gonna try and rock them without the hoodies and baggy cargo pants this time round. I kid you not. That happened. 

H x

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