Leopard Print Coat

Dorothy Perkins Faux Fur, Shirt H&M, Jeans New Look, Boots ASOS

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but moving around is something I’ve done a lot of in the last year. From Edinburgh to Norwich to Brighton to most recently London! As well as this, my Mum and Dad have both moved house, so packing up and sorting through boxes has become somewhat of a skill. 

It was during one of these un-boxing sessions at the weekend that I rediscovered this fur (faux) which was my pride and joy over Christmas 2013, and on finding this box, a re-kindled love for this baby was born. (A side note; this was one of 4 coats in the box marked ‘winter,’ firstly I have been warm up until this point meaning I already have an adamant amount of coats doing the job, secondly, this does not deter me from buying more, someone help). 

This shirt has also bought joy to my life. After seeing it in H&M aaaages ago and not picking it up (don’t know what was wrong with me)I then did that thing where you can’t stop thinking about it and nothing quite compares, no matter how many similar items you find. So the hunt was on. I found one solitary shirt in a size 6 (which I’m evidently not) lurking in the Brighton store, and bought it knowing the buttons probably would not join but that I would still have it in my life. After repeat trips and disappointments I then found this bad boy in the Norwich store, again sitting on his own and even better it was in the sale, praise the lord. This guy was in a 16. So I know had a 6 and a 16. After a good 10 mins of trying both on, taking pics in each, and all that jazz I settled for the 16  for the lack of boob button stretch and the fact I can wear it with wet look leggings and my tush will be well and truly hidden. 

Anyway, end of that saga, but if you see this shirt buy it!!! You will have no regrets.

H x

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