Androgynous Winter Style

Jumper, Trousers (H&M sold-out), Coat (Primark), Beanie (Primark)

So firstly, sorry for being a little M.I.A! Christmas has been a little crazy and time just kind of ran away. I was super happy to get a camera for my Christmas this year, so I’m hoping to go a bit crazy trying it out and doing some posts while I still have some time off work!

Anyhoo, since I chopped all my hair off (which I’m still totally not used to!) I have been living in this beanie as I can’t tie my hair up which is a bloody nightmare, so this hat is my answer to those bad hair days! Its a little Primark number and I really like the shape of it as its not that weird floppy shape that make you look like your heads melted and I think it was a round £2. 

This jumper is a bit different to your standard winter knit, but I really love the androgynous look and shape of it, although word of advice, the textured panels on the arms are stitched so that in inside of it is also bumpy and so uncomfortable! So for me a long sleeved tee underneath is a must, as I just cannot wear things that irritate me. So for those of you a litre more tolerant you may be totally fine with this!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!

H x


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