Double Sided Scarf

Jacket (River Island (old), Jeans (Topshop Jamie), Oversized Jumper (H&M) Scarf, Smashglam

I took these pictures aaaages ago but totally forgot about them, so here’s me with a freshly cut bob back in January when I wasn’t really feeling it and the hairdresser gave me layers when I specifically said I don’t want any layers, standard.

This was just a very casual weekend when I went to see my Granny, so comfort was key but also some layers (not the hair kind), as her house tends to be warm so de-robing needs to happen. This scarf was everrryyyywhere last winter ie. 2013 and it was ‘thee’ Zara scarf. I know this because I worked in Zara at the time and the amount of times I was asked daily “do you know the scarf with tartan on one side and dogtooth on the other??” Of course I bloody did.

So to sum up, I had no desire to buy this scarf after the amount I had talked about it and stressed over an item that didn’t even belong to me. But after I left Zara and still saw people in it this winter (2014) I started to sway. Obviously dupes of this scarf are now everywhere and this one was from Smashglam which is still available at a steal of the price of the Zara one. I love that it doubles up as a blanket and you can rock an all monochrome look with the dogtooth side or add some colour depending on your mood!

I’m still getting wear out of this even though Spring has Sprung as it’s great to keep the wind off you as I have officially put the winter coats away, wahoo!!

Getting my hair cut again tomorrow, will let you know if my lack of layer request is listened to…

H x

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