Another Denim Skirt

Topshop Denim Skirt | Topshop Jumper (sale)| Converse

So I appear to have bought ANOTHER denim skirt, the need for which I’m still trying to justify… I find Topshop sizing (especially skirts) comes up small on me, most likely due to my large derriere, so I always try to go up a size if I can and that normally bodes well. This skirt is a more ‘true denim’ than the skirt I featured in this post and think it’s a little more spring/summer appropriate. I think it’ll definitely look better without tights, but my pasty legs just weren’t quite ready to see the light of day! It has been so sunny and lovely though recently, so some kind of sprucing will need to happen to get them ready for public view!

I’ve also just started filming again over on my YouTube channel. I had a big break but am back to it and really enjoying it, so would love for you guys to check it out and leave any suggestions for stuff you’d like to see me film!

H x

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