Awkward Length Jeans and Platform Boots

Sweatshirt ASOS | Jeans ASOS (similar) | Boots ASOS (sold-out)| Shirt

I seemed determined to cover up every inch of skin whilst out and about in this look! I love these awkward length jeans, this length is quickly becoming my favourite! However, this pair are 100% cotton which means no stretch whatsoever, something I am NOT used to, fingers crossed they’ll give a little so one day I can bend past my waist in them…

When I fist saw these boots on one of my fave bloggers Megan Ellaby I knew they had to be mine, never mind the fact I become a 6 foot giant when wearing them, I love them and it’s always bonus to be able to see over the crowds! When I finally bring my legs out of hibernation, I’ll be pairing them with gypsy style dresses and denim skirts!

H x


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