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Topshop Coat (old)| Never Fully Dressed Top | Levi’s Jeans | Zara Sandals | Primark Sunglasses

This weather, although lovely, is bloody hard to dress for! Luckily there were some shady spots last weekend so I was able to wear jeans but this week has been an almighty struggle. My current requirement for dressing is as little material as possible, whilst still being suitable for work and not being a dripping mess by the time I get off the tube…something that is proving difficult. As much as I love the sun when I’m on holiday, when you actually have to do things it can leave you very sweaty and just not so attractive! So anyway, weather bashing over, I have found the perfect Levi’s!

I’ve been after some 501’s after compulsively stalking the Man Repeller aka Leandra Medine on her blog/insta and then set my mind on owning some asap. There’s no two ways about it, you have to size up, (2 sizes in my case) as either people were much smaller back in day or the measurements are different to modern jeans, I would prefer the latter to be true… But when you find the perfect pair, who cares what the label says?! I can definitely say that once the weather returns to normal, I will be living in these. I’d have loved to have gone vintage shopping to find the perfect pair but I actually managed to pick these up on ASOS, which I suppose is kinda cheating, but sometimes a bit of online shopping away from the crowds, brew in hand is just a little (lot) nicer!

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