Why your Wardrobe Needs a Leather Biker Jacket

All Saints Leather Jacket | H&M Tee | ASOS Jeans | ASOS Boots (sold out) similar

World, meet my baby. The perfect biker that is never leaving my back. 

I must start off by saying that this is thee most expensive item of clothing I own, and one that I would never just buy myself on the spur of the moment. My lovely boyf actually bought me an All Saints leather jacket for my Christmas last year. I know, he’s a keeper. And despite the beautiful cut and material I just didn’t feel it was very ‘me.’ It was also a tad on the small side, but it was my first All Saints leather jacket and I was determined to make it work. 

Spring forward almost a year and I hadn’t worn it. It’s predecessor was a studded Topshop faux leather biker, that I wore so much the material started ripping at the shoulders. I knew I wanted something I’d wear just as much with everything I own, from jeans to knitwear to thin tees when it gets warmer. When you find your perfect biker, you never take it off. So my boyf suggested I sell it and then buy myself one I really loved. For how expensive they are you really want to make sure you’re happy with it and of course for him, he didn’t want to buy me something to have it hanging in my wardrobe!

I got really lucky on eBay and actually got a lot more for it than I had hoped, so much so that when All Saints ran their 20% off last week I was able to buy this beauty with just the money made from the other jacket, AHH YEAHHH! So here it is, the Balfern in all it’s glory and I couldn’t be happier! I think a good leather jacket is something everyone should have and one that’s worth getting right. 

P.S. what do you think of these ahh-mazing boots from ASOS. They are what dreams are made of.

H x


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