Star Print Shirt

Shirt (ASOS), Suede Skirt (ASOS), Boots (Steve Madden) Coat (Zara sold out)

As Spring starts to ever so slowly approach I’m trying to add a bit more colour to my daily get-ups. This star print shirt from ASOS was a love at first sight sitch but I did sneaky and waited for it to go into the sale before (swiftly) popping it in my basket. Orange is not a colour I own a lot of, in fact I think this is the only orange item I’ve owned since the time of Lion King leggings and Pocahontas swimsuits, but I’m really digging it. 

Next I have to mention this beautiful suede button down skirt. My skirt collection has grown quite significantly recently. I went through a phase of not really feeling skirts (or my legs) but I’m well and truly back on the skirt wagon and enjoying adding them to my wardrobe. I also found this suede skirt in the ASOS sale. I got it in a tall and it fits me perfectly, I’m around 5″8 and a half and the extra few inches of material is definitely required!

H x

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