A Fox and A Teddy

Jumper (Fulwood), Jeans (Topshop), Trainers (Adidas), Teddy Coat (Topshop old, similar)

Well March is bloody cold! If winter would just have been cold when it was supposed to eg. 3 months ago, I’d be well in the spirit of spring and florals and floaty dresses. 

But no. 

I am still wrapped in a blanket scarf, the same jumpers I’ve been wearing for months and the thought of bearing my arms or legs any time soon is just too much. I am in fact the palest I have ever been, my skin is crying out for some rays of sun that I fear are not just round the corner. 

Anyway, weather bashing aside, this jumper has been a great little addition to my wardrobe. As I’m sure I have mentioned a million times on here before, I am a stickler for comfort. Anything that involves not wearing a proper bra is a winner in my book. I love this jumper for lounging around, but it’s also smart enough that you can wear it out while feeling like you’re in your jammies. That is something I can definitely get on board with.

H x

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