Gucci-esque Loafers

Wearing: ASOS White Shirt, ASOS Jeans, Loafers

Sometimes I enjoy a bit more of a tailored look and there was just something classic yet a bit different about this shirt which really appealed to me. Firstly, I must apologise for the creases, they really didn’t look that bad in person (or so I thought) and this is what came out of my cupboard aprés ironing, so I think sadly it’s just a creasy material. I have been wearing this to work but I also think it’s a great piece for weekend drinks or dinner.

Also totally obsessed with these shoes. I spent aaages scouring the internet for ‘inexpensive gucci-esque loafers’ and I think I came up pretty good with these Zara numbers. The perfect spring shoe for under £40!

H x

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