The Check Coat

ASOS Tee, Waven Jeans, TOPSHOP Coat (sale), Boots

Well heyyy!! 

It has been a lonnng old time since I last posted on here! My goal for this year was to get back into my blog (which has been sadly neglected) as it’s something I really enjoy and I’m annoyed at myself for somehow forgetting that?! 

Life is turbulent. I first started my blog during a really rough time and I found it so therapeutic to focus on something else and get stuck into something I was passionate about. It gave me real joy for 2 years and then when things got turbulent again I let it fall by the wayside, I put too much pressure on myself and instead of blogging for me I got sucked into the whole thing, got a bit overwhelmed and gave up. I didn’t make the time to take photos and then one week turned into 4 which then turned into almost 10 months!!

Ultimately I started blogging to share my love for clothing, trends, shopping and to get inspiration from all the other amazing bloggers out there. So without putting too much pressure on, I’m going to try and get into a regular habit of posting again because it’s what I love and those things can be hard to find!

H x 

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