Gucci Tee

Wearing: Topshop Tee, Zara Skirt, Vans, Mango Bag

The famous Gucci tee seen on everyone in the know who has a spare bit of dolla to spend on a tshirt. Not that I wouldn’t if I had that kind of money, although I do question how much a tshirt can really be worth espesh when it’s over the £250 pound mark. But anyway, that’s where the high-street comes in. From Topshop to Zara to Primark, everywhere has jumped on the slogan tee trend meaning we mere mortals can get the look for less! I love this one from Topshop, it is very much ‘inspired’ by the Gucci design and as far as the high-street goes I do think Topshop have been offering up the best when it comes to choice and design of slogan tees.

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