5 ways to to make the most of your time

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Time is precious but I feel like so much time is spent on nothing-ness and worrying about unnecessary things! So in a bid to try and squeeze every minute I can out of my day, here’s my 5-step guide to making the most of your time.

1. You’ll feel better when it’s done

This might sound easy but just do it! Sometimes the thought of doing something can be so overwhelming that you keep putting it off. I am definitely guilty of this and can end up procrastinating for hours going on tangents that lead to watching makeup videos on YouTube which means I could probably nail a cut-crease but I haven’t done anything I set out to do. This pattern of distraction leaves me feeling anxious that my list is as long as ever and I don’t know where to start.

Compartmentalising and doing little bits at a time can make tasks more manageable that seem too big to tackle in a oner. The worst thing you can do is not start – putting it off will only make you more anxious and you will inevitably have to do it at some point. So just make a start, no matter how small it’s a step in the right direction. There is nothing more fulfilling than ticking something off your list that has been playing on your mind, so as daunting as it seems it’ll be worth it in the end!

2. Prioritise and plan

This might not sound like fun, but being organised means you’ll make the best use of your time whilst preserving energy. Getting the most important things out the way first when your most alert and well rested will make the best use of your time. Tasks near the bottom of your list might be easier or quicker to get done, but knowing what’s important will make sure you spend your time more efficiently and ensure you’re not too knackered to complete them all.

3. Make the most of ’empty’ time

We spend so much of our day commuting to work or waiting for appointments and it all adds up. Whether you take your book or use the time to write out a do-to list, you shopping list or catch up on emails, making the most of these empty moments means your utilising your time rather than wasting it. It also means your down time can actually be used for fun stuff – *insert emoji dancer here*

4. Learn to say ‘no’

Something that I’m starting to get better at is saying ‘no.’ Learning that your time is valuable and that spending your time doing what you actually want to do is better for you in the long run is a good lesson learned. Yes helping people out every now and again is great, but don’t let your time get taken up by people who will happily take advantage of it and wouldn’t give up their time for you in return. It’s about striking a balance, but your time is precious and there’s nothing wrong with being selfish with it!

5. Trick yourself quicker

In a bid to try and make myself more punctual I have set my watch 10 minutes fast. Nobody likes to be late and from my experience nothing good has ever come from being late. A missed train, flight or meeting is all something I have experienced and not something I wish to ever repeat. Not only is it embarrassing, stressful and frustrating, it’s a bloody waste of time trying to rearrange your plans. So I’m hoping this little trick will diminish the need to┬árun around like a headless chicken, and turn me into one off those chilled people that just saunters everywhere with minutes to spare, let’s see how it goes!

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