PANDORA Summer Party

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Dress, Superga, PANDORA ring, necklace, earrings, silver bangle, leather bracelet

When I was 14 PANDORA was everywhere and was thee bracelet to have. Charms were top of your birthday and Christmas list and there was always a hint of jealousy/awe when someone had a full charm bracelet – the dream!

So when PANDORA reached out and invited me and my sister along to their summer party I was so excited as I feel such nostalgia towards the brand. So on Saturday my sister and I headed to Regents park for a Summer Party put on by the lovely people at PANDORA. I want to say the sun was shining and the birds were singing, but sadly summer missed the memo and we had to contend with rain showers and the odd patch of sun.

I was very kindly gifted some pieces to wear to the event and will link them all here. I’m not normally a very ‘blingy’ person but this beautiful ring, necklace and earrings combo was something special and I really enjoyed wearing them. I also loved the silver bangle and leather bracelets stacked and I think they’ll become my daily jewels! My mum and sister have both had a leather pandora for a few years and never take them off, so I’m looking forward to mine softening up and becoming my regular wrist candy.

After getting our brows preened to perfection by the babes over at Benefit in their very own brow bar truck, and getting beautiful henna (which is now very much tempting me to get a tat!) we headed to the Fever-Tree gin truck for I must say one of the best gins I’ve ever had! We also snacked on veggie hot dogs, freakshakes and possibly some more gin…

It was also so lovely to meet some bloggers that I have been following for ages and I guess who almost feel like friends which is such a great part of social media. I love being able to put a personality to a picture and it’s really filled with me motivation to keep this thing going and continue to meet great people and brands along the way!

H x


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