On Finding ‘The One’ (…Hairdresser that is)

I’ve finally found the one – hairdresser I mean.

When I was younger I never understood when my mum would get annoyed when her hairdresser was fully booked or she had to go to someone else, why did it matter? I always just went to my local hairdressers until I moved out, flitting between them depending on where was was easiest on which day. I have moved around the country and to different parts of the same cities, never staying loyal to a single hairdresser. In fairness I only ever had a trim, so I didn’t see how they could really differ, getting my hair cut in a straight line wasn’t that tricky and not something that bothered me too much, I wasn’t adventurous so why did it matter? Of course I have experienced the ‘just an inch off’ that went from a shoulder length to chin length bob a couple of times, but who hasn’t?

So when I moved to Norwich and was recommended Mollie by my mum, I wasn’t expecting to find ‘the one.’ But now I totally get it. I have been seeing Mollie for almost 2 years now and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to touch my hair. There was actually one occasion when Mollie was double booked and someone else stepped in and let’s just say it confirmed my confidence in her and that indeed it does matter who you put your hair care trust in! She is the only person that has coloured my hair – professionally I mean (apart from the aforementioned disaster), we’ve all gone through the box dye disasters, my worst was when I tried to ombrĂ© my hair myself and it looked like a bird had shat bleach on my head so I had to send Matt out to bulk buy black dye to cover it up – never again.

I was so excited when Mollie set up her own salon, she is so talented and lovely and there was no doubt I would follow her. She is a L’oreal Colour Specialist and I can vouch for her extensive hair knowledge, she is a hair goddess. The salon is full of L’oreal goodies and one of them is a gorgeous strengthening treatment Mollie puts on my hair – kind of like Olaplex I guess and it’s made a big difference, my hair is much softer and more manageable.

I actually trust her so much that I’m not too sure what I get done! I know I get a balayage and then a toner, she basically just spruces me up, I just ask for the usual and always come out loving it. So if you are in and around the Norwich area I would definitely recommend you pop in and see Mollie – she’s now based at:

Spruce House, 10 St. Martins At Palace Plain, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1RN

you can also follow on Instagram here: molliecavellhair

Have you had any hair disasters on your quest to finding the one? Or to you just chop and change (pardon the pun) I’d be intrigued to find out!

H x

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