January Blues – Tips to get through


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Well January well and truly knocked me back. I hadn’t felt this low and unmotivated for a long time. The build up to Christmas takes you away from the dark mornings and dreariness and the excitement of spending time with family and generally winding down makes it so difficult to get back into the swing of life come January.

It has also seemed like the longest month in history so although it’s a little late I thought I would share some tips that have been helping me through this long-ass month (-ish!)

  1. A puppy – there really is no being sad with a little pup to lick your face. I know this probably  isn’t helpful to a lot of people but Wilbur really has been a saving grace when nothing else makes the cut. I’m sure puppy videos on YouTube would also hit the spot though!
  2. ASOS – or online shopping in general. It’s not the most economical (especially in Jan) but browsing the new-in sections and dreaming of a Spring wardrobe is a great distraction from the rain outside
  3. Book a trip – for my Christmas this year Matt bought me a trip to Berlin and I am so excited! Having something to look forward and plan for is a great way to be excited about the year ahead and gives your mind something constructive to do
  4. Taking a walk – a v cliche tip and not one I would ever listen to if someone else told me, but getting some fresh air everyday and having time away from technology and everyone else makes a big difference to your mindset
  5. Keep a journal – not necessarily a daily or formal journal, but having something next to your bed to jot down your thoughts when you’re feeling low is helpful – especially if you’re having trouble sleeping. It’s also good to look back at when you’re having a better day to put your moods in perspective

So there you have it, nothing ground-breaking but sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone. If the blues have struck you down too I hope the change of month will spark a change in mind and focus. And if anyone has any tips of their own I would love to hear them!

H x

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