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Before I started my blonde hair journey, I had no idea how important good hair care was. I would use whatever was in the house and my natural dark hair albeit a little frizzy and unruly would remain shiny and in great nick no matter what I threw at it.

Fast forward a few years and my god do I love, nae need good hair care products in my life. I have gone from an average shampoo and occasional condition to a hair care regimen to be proud of. Of course a lot of this comes from the need blonde hair has to be nurtured. I can’t go one week without a nourishing mask before I can literally see the hairs splitting in anger at me.

So along with the blonde came my love and interest in new products to keep it looking alive and well. My most recent testing was the new hair care range by my hair heroes Charlie Miller. They are an Edinburgh based hair salon that have been taking my overly processed hair back to a better place and who I wholeheartedly trust with my unruly main.

The products are, as you would expect, of a high salon quality and the smell – diviiine.

I start off with the CM Hydrate Shampoo. I normally go in with this twice as I tend to have a lot of product in my hair (hello, dry shampoo is life) and this makes it feel super clean but not stripped.

As the range is sulphate-free it maintains the natural oils in the hair, which obviously the bleach has pretty much stripped my hair of entirely, so anything that’s going to keep my hair more nourished I am fully on board with.I then go in with the CM Hydrate Conditioner. I love that this has a pump as I tend to go way overboard with conditioner and the pump means you have more control and less wastage.

I add this to mid-lengths and ends of my hair and leave on while I sing, exfoliate and undertake any other time wasting activities until I feel I’m suitably moisturised.

Next on the list for me to try is the CM Silver Shampoo which any blonde (real or otherwise) knows is the only way to keep those brassy tones at bay.

I’m popping in to Charlie Miller next week for a hair refresh and can already feel the calm that comes from a head massage, is there anything better?? Oh, did I mention they’re a dog friendly salon? As if you needed one more reason to go!

*products gifted with no obligation to post

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