Taking some ‘me’ time at PURE Spa & Beauty

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to PURE Spa & Beauty based at Apex Waterloo Place Hotel to enjoy the ‘Relaxation Experience’ – something that was very much needed.

The Spa advise you to arrive 15 minutes before your treatment begins so you can change into a robe and slippers and start your relaxation experience. I have to say as soon I walked into the Spa I had that ‘Ahhh’ moment where I instantly felt at ease and my brain started to slow down a little. Also going on a Wednesday afternoon meant I pretty much had the whole spa to myself which was glorious.

After popping on your swimwear you have full use of the pool, sauna and steam room. I had a little dip in the pool before my treatment started but as I was running behind schedule that morning (story of my life), I didn’t have time to test out the other facilities.

After my quick dip I sat in the Relaxation Room where you can help yourself to refreshments and just relax before your therapist comes and takes to your treatment room.

The Relaxation Package includes;

All PURE Spa therapies also include a complimentary foot ritual treatment prior to starting your chosen treatment, which just helps you to completely unwind so you can get the most out of your treatment.

After my foot ritual, (which was so necessary at this time of year – sandals are not the kindest to your feet!) my treatment started with a full body scrub. Now I do enjoy exfoliating at home but I wouldn’t say I find it particularly relaxing, but this body scrub was divine! It didn’t leave my skin feeling itchy or irritated and prepped my skin perfectly for the oils to sink in from the deep tissue massage that followed.

I have to say I’ve never felt so pampered in my life. When I’ve had massages and treatments before, I feel like I’m always panicking that they’re about to finish and by the time my brain has stopped running through my to-do list at 100mph it’s time to get dressed. But because the Relaxation package takes around 180 mins I didn’t feel the pressure to enjoy it, I let my mind wander and eventually was able to switch off and just be present in the experience.

Following the full body massage which I remained in a semi-conscious state for (I didn’t want to miss how good it felt so resisted the urge to nod off!!) it was time for the Elemis facial.

I have to say by this point I was so chilled I had no idea what was being put on my face nor did I really mind! There were definitely a few masks and oils but all I know is I was fresh and glowy when it was finished. The lovely lady who did my facial suggested some products for me that she thought would work well with my skin, I took a note of them for when my current products run out as I hate having too many things open at once!

After what felt like a very indulgent afternoon, I continued my relaxation by taking my book back to the Relaxation rooms and reading for 2 hours – undisturbed and utter bliss. Thinking back it makes me realise how important it is to take time out for yourself and put your worries aside for a few hours. In fact I think it’s a part of self care we should all be better at, taking time for yourself is not selfish it’s necessary and is in fact very enjoyable when done right!

*gifted experience

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