Pearly Whites at Newtown Dental Care

So a couple of weeks, nae months ago (where has the time gone?!) I went to see the lovely people at Newtown Dental Care to discuss the possibility of getting my teeth whitened. I had definitely noticed more staining on my teeth over the years which as an avid Earl Grey drinker was not surprising.

At my initial consultation with Alastair, one of the wonderful partners and dentists at Newtown Dental Care, he checked my teeth and gums were suitable and strong enough for the treatment. After he gave me the go ahead, he booked me in for a scale and polish, so we’d be going in with the best canvas possible.

I don’t know if it’s embarrassing to say but I hadn’t been to a dentist in 4 years prior to this visit, let alone a hygienist. After moving around for a few years previously, I never really settled anywhere long enough to register with a dentist so it fell by the wayside. Suffice to say I was a little nervous for any kind of poking and prodding but the team made feel completely at ease.

So a few weeks later I was back in for a full scale and polish which left my mouth feeling sooo clean and lifted my teeth a shade lighter, it was then time to get the moulds made for the whitening treatment. This part was probably the most unpleasant of the whole experience, if anyone had braces when you were younger you will remember this well I’m sure! But it is over fairly quickly and then after a few days you book back in to pick up your perfectly fitting trays!

Fast forward a few days and I was back in the chair for a mini tutorial on how to use the whitening treatment. After discussing with Alastair we decided I would wear my trays for 1/2 hours in the day rather than overnight. There are two different strengths of solution depending on when you choose to wear them so you can decide which works best for you.

Then it was home with my trays and whitening treatment and the promise of no tea or red wine for 12 days – it is a real commitment!

Even after the first two/three days I would say I noticed a significant difference. It was also after this time that I started to experience tooth sensitivity which I found very uncomfortable. It is completely normal to experience this, but having never had it before I found it quite debilitating. I went back to see Alastair to talk it through and he gave me some Sensodyne to help with the sensitivity. This worked wonders and after a few days off I restarted with my trays and was pleased the pain stayed at bay!

So I’m sure what you’re all really here for is the visual success story, the before and afters. I would say it’s very hard to make teeth/gums look attractive so bear with. I would also say my teeth were significantly whiter than the after pictured here, as once I had resumed with the trays (after the sensitivity issue) they continued to whiten.


The fab thing about the whitening treatment is that you can completely tailor it to your specification. If I kept on using the treatment I could have gone super white but I just wanted them to look fresh as opposed to fake. It also means I have quite a bit of the treatment left which you can use to top up as and when you feel you need to. Obviously I’m well and truly back on the tea but my teeth are still looking clean and white so I couldn’t be happier. Now that’s done I’m considering straightening them out a bit so watch this space…

Treatment I still have left to use

Thank you to Newtown Dental Care for the wonderful experience and professionalism, I felt completely at ease and would recommend anyone considering the treatment to pop along and discuss it with them.

*gifted treatment

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