Not-so Bah Humbug

Wearing: Tophop Blazer, Topshop Tee, Marks and Spencers Trousers, Ego Shoes, Mango Bag


I’m sure by now we all know my love for stripes is a very real thing so I won’t go into it too much! By if we’re being serious how incredible is this blazer? My blazer collection has actually grown quite significantly this year, from never being much of blazer wearer to having one for every day of the week (and maybe a few days after that too…) they really do add that masculine edge to a look that I’ve been really into.

I have to give you a little backstory to this campervan. Whilst my sister and I were out doing our thing at our newly discovered fave pink house (see previous posts, this post, Instagram and everywhere else I can possibly feature it), the man residing in said pink house came out, which is always awkward cause you never know how that’s gonna go. But BLESS HIM, he asked what we were upto and not that I think he knew what blogging was, he said if pink’s your thing, I have a campervan round the back. Obviously we hot-footed it round back and here she is in all her bunting glory. What a nice man, huh?

I’m always really conscience of people walking past whilst I’m blogging cause you do feel like a bit of a knob! And often people do comment “smile love” or “gotta get that shot for insta” (little did he know haha) but it can make you feel embarrassed and I think god they must think I love myself which couldn’t be further from the truth. So it’s nice when people aren’t judgey and actually offer you their campervan just to be nice. Faith in humanity restored (for today anyway!)

H x


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